Computer Coffee Tables: Unbelievable

What is a coffee table? Is it just a table where you drink your coffee?


The term “coffee table” has now evolved into so much more than an ordinary table.

computer-coffee-tableFrom the time the coffee table first found its way into the west from the Ottoman Empire, it has changed and adapted itself to the different cultures and choices of the world.

Coffee tables range from tree stumps to designer-type super expensive creations.

When people buy coffee tables now, they think of ergonomics, they think of function and style, they think in terms of sophistication and elegance.

After all, coffee has evolved to so much more than a simple beverage.

Now, with the advent of internet cafés, change was inevitable for the coffee table.

At first, coffee tables were designed as other tables were, made to support food, or anything you put on top of them.

What happened now?

Some Coffee tables are now designed with the current technology of computers in mind.

Coffee tables are now designed to hold computers, as well as your coffee.

These coffee tables have special compartments designed to hold even the largest PC and still leave room on top to act as a coffee table.

Coffee tables like these offer you the convenience of eating and drinking at the same compact place where you work.

But as computers keep evolving, so did furniture.

As people kept looking for more and more ways to make life more convenient, more and more technology was discovered.

More discoveries mean more innovations.

Now, Hewlett-Packard has unveiled another innovation – a computer coffee table. Dubbed “misto”, this computer coffee table uses the technology of a touch-screen PC.

Though this is not the first attempt to incorporate the use of such technology with a coffee table, it is possibly the biggest.

And when I say big, I mean BIG.

The Misto coffee table incorporates a large touch screen to the top of the table.

HP’s coffee table uses a standard desktop PC as its processing engine, but it needs some specialized software to run the interface.

What else?

The Misto coffee table is also primarily targeted to be sold as a home entertainment PC.

After all, you wouldn’t spend money on a touch-screen as large as a coffee table just to use it for work, would you?

The idea, according to Hewlett-Packard, is to have people use the coffee table for interaction. They can use the coffee table to play board games, share pictures, or study.

It is, however, unclear as to whether or not you can actually use the coffee table to drink coffee.

Now that is just impractical.

Although the modern coffee table serves as a spot where people can interact, talk ideas, or discuss business, it is called a coffee table because you can drink coffee while sitting around it.

Can a coffee table give up its original function –as a place to put your coffee –and still be called a coffee table?

Oh come on.

Why do they even call it a computer coffee table? It’s just a waste of words and a distortion of the truth.

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Why not just call it a computer table?

This would probably be due to the fact that in adding the word “coffee”, the whole image of the product changes.

A coffee table stimulates thoughts of family, of warmth, of style and business.

Each of us has his or her image connected with the coffee table, right?

Anyway, Computer coffee table or just one huge screen, this product is definitely one thing: unbelievable.

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Computerized Sewing Machine

For a few decades, computerized sewing machines have been available. Many of the tasks for stitchery that were carried out in a manual method, step-by-step, can be fully automated with today’s sewing machines. For example, instead of having to follow a sketched on pattern to monogram your linens, sewers can now choose a style, the type of font, and size in just three easy touches on the LED screen while easily positioning their materials and turn the work over to the sewing machine.


All of the major manufactures of sewing machines all over the world make models that are fully computerized. There are many brands, prices, and styles to choose from, thus choosing a sewing machine can be a task that is difficult. However, when you compare models using objective criteria, buyers are able to sort through those used and new machines that are available on the market and find the right one that suits their needs precisely.

Today’s sewing machines can be divided into two distinct categories: electronic and mechanical. A mechanical model is the same as those that have been used through the generations for household goods and sewing garments. Even though they are electric, they are user-operated. The electronic models have computers built-in for sewing that is more automated. They do require human interaction for setting and monitoring certain tasks, like sewing buttonholes however their computer components do more of the work independently that a mechanical machine does. By the early 1990’s the age of computerized sewing machines had claimed a large share of the market.

Due to the popularity of needle art like embroidery and quilting, these computerized models became in high demand by hobbyists and professional designers alike. Purchasers are able to select from hybrid models, embroidery models, or sewing models that can cater to embroiders and quilters alike.

There are features that are a must have for thee computerized models. Before you begin searching for a particular high-tech model sewing machine, it is important to decide which use it will fill for the sewer. The average hobbyist will keep their sewing machine for about 10 years’ time, so the model needs to have the capabilities that will match the sewers level of skill and interest. It should also have features that will benefit the user and they develop their skills over time.

Before you start your search, you must make a list of the features you are looking for in a machine, especially if you are a beginner. Each model should be evaluated to determine how well it will fit the bill. For entry-level models, they have basic features included that even the average buyer can benefit from.

A base model will have a LED monochrome display screen that will allow you to select not only the stitches, but other functions as well. They include features for automatic threading, however the tension control is still manual. An entry-level model will also be equipped with dozens of stitches that are decorated that can easily be selected by the touch screen.

Most of the base models of computerized sewing machines can sew buttonholes automatically, which is often a tedious on a mechanical model machine. They also offer many features of convenience such as up/down setting of needles, controls of speed, and auto-bobbin winding. The entry-level sewing models will most often come with presser feet that are interchangeable for varying functions.

The machines that are aimed for a mid-level type of consumer has more features than those that are entry-level. Depending on what the intended usage is and any constraints on budget, a mid-level machine just may be the perfect fit for the majority of hobbyists.
These machines will have twice as many auto-stitching capability. They also include features for cutting threads automatically, and built in fonts for monogramming. Some of the models include twice the amount of presser feet than models that are less expensive, including a quilting foot that is free-motion. If a mid-level machine meets the items on your list of must-haves, then you should determine whether or not it will be capable of adding new designs for stitching. Some models offer a plug and play capability that will facilitate downloading additional stitches, and some do not.

The more advanced models are designed for the consumer who is in the market for the ultimate in computerized sewing. These machines have every bell and whistle that you could possibly imagine when it comes to functions and features. These high end machines will require a significant investment not only financially but also in the time it takes to learn how to operate it so the user can benefit from all of the features.


Among some of the beneficial features advanced sewers can expect to find are literally hundreds of choices for stitches, monogram fonts in English and other languages, and they sew perfectly straight seams. These high-end machines will offer a full-color display that allows them operate to see how the stitch will look with the selected colors. With a USB connection, the computer interfaces will open a full virtual world not only to stitches, but patterns that can be downloaded to the machine as well. More about sewing and embroidery machine from best embroidery machine reviews

Security Metal Detector – A Modern Day Necessity

Security Metal Detector has become indispensible today. Post 9/11 era, security has assumed a completely new dimension. It is no longer an optional but something very crucial. It is this very need that the metal detector fulfils.

securityA security metal detector is basically an electronic device that is meant to alert the person in charge of security as soon as any metal object passes within range of the device. Metals are considered a security threat because arms and weapons are made of metal. More so, sharp metal objects can also be used as a weapon or cause harm. Metal detector would also pick other metal objects which may be harmless, but this is unavoidable.

Types Of Metal Detectors

The security metal detector can be of various types. Broadly these can be clubbed into two main categories namely walk-through detectors and the hand-held detectors. You can even use a combination of different types of metal detectors to meet your security needs. These would only provide you an extra cover and reduce the possibilities of security lapse.  Find best with best metal detector reviews

The use of security metal detectors is very common at the entrances of important offices and building, airports, stations, or any place where screening for guns, knives or other weapons is found appropriate. These devices need not always be permanent in installation. You can even rent out these devices for short periods. This feature may be of use to the organisers of conferences, events and exhibitions. They can set up a temporary security system for the duration of the event. Whatever may be the occasion, there is absolutely no need to compromise on people’s security.

Pros And Cons

Every metal detector has its own advantage. The walk-through type of metal detector, for example, is the fastest and the most convenient device for screening, both for the operator as well as people. The device actively screens as the person walks through it and there is no need for them to stop.

However, the limitation of this security device is its cost. A hand held device, also commonly referred to as wand, proves to be a cheaper alternative. This requires the security officer to move the device over a person’s body to detect any threat. These are battery operated and come in various models. This is a slower method of screening since every person needs to stop briefly while he is screened. Using these can be very tiring for the operators, especially if the number of people to be screened is large. It requires them to bend frequently and move around their arms. The advantage however is that it can help detect metals at places which may otherwise be out of detectable range in case of a walk through device. Most often hand-held device is used along with the walk-through detector for a complete security solution.


So next when you are planning security arrangements, remember that security metal detectors are available in various types, models, configuration and price range, whether you require a permanent or temporary solution

Home Battery: A Revolutionary Product To Save Energy

Tesla Motors is famous for their electric cars. With their cars, you don’t have to go in gas stations and spend money on gasoline. All you have to do is charge your Tesla car at home. And if you ever need to use it for a long drive, then they have a “Supercharger network” that allows you to charge your car fast, with replenishing almost half of the car’s battery for only 20 minutes. With this revolutionary technology in our history, Tesla is now adding another one: a new source of renewable power. Visit Home Page


Tesla Motors has introduced Tesla Home Battery, also known as Powerwall, a revolutionary product that will cause a major change in the energy market. Powerwall is a home battery that generates electricity using solar panels, or charge using the utility grid when the rates are low. It comes with two models: 10 kWh that has backup applications; and 7 kWh that can be used for daily cycle. Its major features are:

  • It is automated, compact, simple to install and does not require maintenance
  • It can power your home, even during the peak hours in the evening
  • It provides a backup electricity supply during power outages
  • It also offers independence from the utility grid
  • Multiple batteries can be installed at home
  • Both models are guaranteed for 10 years usage


Powerwall works using a solar panel, an electrical inverter and a home battery, which requires installation by a trained technician. The solar panel will be installed in the roof of the home, where it will convert sunlight into electricity. The home battery is where the collected electricity from the solar panel will be stored. It also uses electricity from the utility grid when the rates are low. The inverter is the one responsible for converting the electricity, both from the solar panel or the home battery, into alternating current that will be used in your home appliances or lights. The home battery uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a battery and a liquid thermal management system. It also has a smart DC-DC converter that is responsible for the control of power flow. Read more now to get some information about car battery charger